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General Information


Following the current situation of COVID, the Esprit Montagne team
has decided to postpone the sale of this summer's programs to JUNE 4, 2020, online sales will resume at this time, meanwhile you can contact us if necessary.
This was decided to adapt to the creation of new programs or modification of some of them, to meet the legislations of the different countries where we offer trips.
We have created programs that remain only in France or between 2 countries only, to avoid too many border formalities.
Esprit Montagne stays already have a small group philosophy, we reduce the number of participants to a maximum of 9 people or on a case-by-case basis.
The season starts from July 4 to October 3 ... except certain mountaineering program
We are a small agency and have made every effort to offer you trips to take you to Great Mountain Spaces, just next door… into these Natural Spaces, which we all missed during confinement.
In this situation, we will keep our line of minimum transport limitation before and during the activities: we offer you car-sharing with the members of your group only, to also limit the costs and increase the conviviality while limiting the spread of the virus.
We will ask all participants to respect the rules given by the different states or our organization, while keeping individual freedoms.
If the rules seemed too restrictive, we preferred to modify or cancel the programs.
We have been inventive this summer in order to offer you a Mountain Trip, in small groups while roaming (refuge, tent) or on base camps (hotel, house and mountain chalet ...).
The Esprit Montagne Team

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