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Our Team

 Esprit Montagne - Team of Professional   

Is a local agency with a human size, specialized in mountain trips in the Alps between France, Switzerland and Italy. We have been offering mountain sports trips for about fifteen years in the Aosta Valley and the mountains of the world.
Born from the will to make the mountains our life and to highlight our land, Esprit Montagne designs mountain trips with passion. Our itineraries are the result of our long experience in the field, to create programs that will take you to wild spaces, far from the beaten track. Also, our trips are born from the will to emphasize the local economies and to limit the ecological impact of our activities at the conception of the trip!

   Our local Guides

French and Swiss guides and mountain leaders are part of the native group of Valle d'Aosta, an autonomous region of Italy where people speak Italian and French. Our local guides and mountain leaders are qualified, experienced and committed to help you discover the wild Alps and share their vocation! All of them have an atypical experience, we know them all and it is with them and thanks to their knowledge that we build all our trips. The quality of service is our priority, our guides are paid fairly!
A local agency based on three borders to always have the right information and local guides! Because adventure has no borders, they have also traveled to Nepal, South America or elsewhere in the mountains of the world. They have built up a solid experience and an open mind.
These differences are the strength of our team!


Our Reservation Manager Team 

Our secretaries have been working in mountain tourism for many years. They know and practice mountain activities: they will be able to explain you the trips and will communicate our passion to prepare your adventure with Esprit Montagne!

Finally, we offer you trips through the most beautiful mountains, even outside the Alpine Arc, places that make us dream and that we propose you to discover by sharing our philosophy !



Danilo - UIAGM Mountain Guide

Born in a family of mountain farmers, he grew up in a small wild valley of the Aosta Valley, in Italy, and he became Aspirant Mountain Guide in 1981.
He managed a Hotel for 5 years and then officially became Mountain Guide in 1989. He began his guiding activity with heliskiing in the Wild Valgrisenche and from there he specialized in off-piste skiing, working in Heliski Bases in Canada and Turkey, and skied in the Kyghizstan mountains.
His curiosity and his thirst for adventure and discovery took him to visit many different countries and cultures: he organized expeditions around the world, from Mount Kilimangiaro to Mount Kenya in Africa, to Aconcagua, Cotopaxi, Chimborazo, Huana Potosi and the Sajama in South America and the Mera Peak in Nepal. He also organized many treks in Nepal, Bhutan, Bolivia, Perù, Mongolia, Kyrgyzstan and others ...
He speaks Italian, Patois (the Aosta Valley original dialect), French and English.
In free time he likes to practice his passions quietly and serenely: walking, mountain biking, paragliding from time to time and rock climbing on the beautiful walls of his valley, the Valgrisenche, and hiking on the great peaks of the Alps.
Today he lives in Switzerland, where he continues to exercise the job of his life.

Mickaela - Your first contact at the Office

She has been working in mountain tourism with Espritmontagne, summer and winter, since 203.
She speaks Italian, French, English, German and Spanish.
She has traveled all over the world: in Bhutan, South Africa, Kyrgyzstan, Bolivia…
Her great passion is rock climbing but she loves the mountain in all its versions, from skiing to mountaineering and trekking!




Jean Luc - UIMLA Trekking Guide

Grown up in Savoy, Jean Lu is a Trekking Guide for over 15 years: he has organized and supervised treks to the French and Italian Alps, as well as trips to Nepal, in the Wild Valleys of Naar Phu, Manaslu, Langtang and in the Annapurna and Everest Massifs.
He is Rescue Ski Patroler in Les Arcs Ski Station for over 10 years now and is in charge of the local weather forecast for Les Arcs Station (ADS) and snow forecasting collaborating with Météo France.
Passionate about rock climbing and mountaineering, he also worked in Acrobatic Work, in the Mechanical Lifts at the Vanoise Express Cable Car (180 places) which connects Les Arcs to La Plagne for the Paradiski Connection for 5 years. Today he runs in the mountains between France, Italy and Switzerland.




Corrado - Mountain Guide

UVGAM-UIAGM Mountain Guide since 1996.

"For more than 30 years I have been riding the mountains all over the world, but my passion is still as in the first days. I am curious by nature, I love to get new experiences and my profession as Mountain Guide, which I have been doing as main job since 1996, allows me to live life as I love it ... across mountains!
Skiing and rock climbing are my favorites activities and if there is a nice slope to climb up with ice axe and crampons... that is my ideal day!
Ever since I became Mountain Guide, I have always worked at the Heliski Base in Valgrisenche, combining this activity to classic off-piste skiing and ski-touring; in spring I like to visit new skiing spots, and I have therefore explored many valleys and mountains in the Western Alps, Morocco and Iceland. I have also been in Peru, Argentina (where I climbed Aconcagua), Pakistan and Nepal for trekking and expeditions.
In my free time I love rock climbing, riding on MTB and help my wife manage our B&B Gran Paradiso.
This is my world, I like to live it in a simple way and from life I ask for freedom and serenity. "

Pierre - UIMLA Trekking Guide
"I am Trekking and Trail Guide and Mountain Biking Instructor for almost 10 years, I live in Haute-Savoie, the Northern Alps are today my favorite playground. Of course I love adventure but especially I love to share it. Whatever the pace is, my goal is above all to make your sports holidays unforgettable! I also love to discover the world differently, to savor it, to understand it and to marvel at it ... Three unforgettable destinations will always stay in my heart: New Zealand and its Alpine Tangariro crossing, Japan and its explosive culture and Greece and its Mount Olympus. ..See you soon, in the mountains "


Alex - UIAGM Mountain Guide

UIAGM-UVGAM Mountain Guide and local weather and snow data expert in charge since 2004,   technician in the Aosta Valley mountain rescue since 2007. Instructor in the local mountain rescue, in charge since 2016.

"My profession and the innate love for mountain have led me over the years to retrace some of the most beautiful rock, ice and mountain alpine ways, to make my skis slide down the most fascinating slopes of our mountains and those beyond the Alps, without forgetting the wonders kept on our big islands  (Sardinia and Sicily) and just beyond the border. I'm a great "coneisseur” of the whole Aosta Valley, where I was born, including the little valleys, but I do not deny what other regions (Bernina, Dolomites, etc.) and the foreign mountaineering can offer."

Ludovic - UIMLA Trekking Guide

"Passionate about sport since my childhood, I gradually turned to the practice of mountain activities, me who comes from the Jura foothills.
Practicing mountain biking at a high level during my schooling, I have a State Cycling Certificate. Lacking mountain after a few years in the plains, I headed to the Savoy where I passed and got my diplomas of Trekking Guide and Ski Rescue Patroler.
Today settled in the Chamonix valley, I pursue my mountain passion, summer and winter, in various activities ranging from mountain hiking to ski mountaineering through cycling and mountain biking, or even Trail (which I practice at high level). These last summers I guided mainly trail running.
So I hope to be able to share with you these many years of mountain practice, made of adventures and share, but above all to transmit you my mountain passion.”


Roger Bovard - UIAGM Mountain Guide

Born and raised in Valgrisenche since childhood I have cultivated a passion for mountaineering, climbing, skiing and the dream of becoming a guide when I "grew up." The dream came true in 2018 when I was able to obtain the certification of aspiring guide, which turned from a goal into a starting point to explore the alps and mountains world, both as a mountaineer and as a guide with my clients. My favorite mountain activity? All of them, each in its own season from ice climbing to rock climbing, from ski mountaineering to big mixed routes.
In the Alps I like to do the iconic routes on iconic mountains , but also discover the lesser known and wilder valleys.
In my travels I have been fortunate enough to be able to climb Mount Denali (6190 m Alaska), Amadablam (6824m Nepal), Nanga Parbat (8126 m Pakistan) to trek Baltoro via Gondogoro La. I hope to be able to pass on my own passion for the mountains to those I will accompany.




Christophe Clos - UIAGM Mountain Guide

I'm Christophe, a real passionate of various sports. I constantly try to practice them as much as possible, especially paragliding, swimming, long mountain bike rides, downhill skiing or kayaking.
Among all these sports, rock climbing and ice climbing have a special place in my heart. They arouse in me a real passion that pushes me to organize trips to discover new cliffs and mountains every time the opportunity arises!
This enthusiasm for the discovery of new places and sports led me to become a mountain guide. It allows me to share my love for the mountains with other people. For me, the real goal is to see everyone return home with a smile on their face at the end of the adventure!


Giovanna - UIAGM Mountain Guide

UIAGM-UVGAM Mountain Guide since 2006

"Along the years my "mountain hunger" has led me to many wonderful places such as Kalymnos, Sardinia, Sicily, Mallorca, Verdon, Ceuse, Buoux, Siurana, Margalef, Albaracin, Antalya and many other fantastic spots as for rock climbing. However, my mountain passion is at 360 °: from the highest and fascinating peaks of our mountains (Mont Blanc, Matterhorn, Rosa, Gran Paradiso, Bernina, Dolomites) as for classic routes, to some ascents in Peru (Cordillera Blanca) and Northern India with regard to foreign mountaineering and rock climbing at high altitude.?And last but not least, in winter, when fingers suffer on the bare stone (at least in Aosta Valley), imagination can be expressed on the magnificent snowy slopes or on the fantastic ice falls that our Valley offer.”






Noémie - UIMLA Trekking Guide

"In the footsteps of a passionate grandfather, it was in the High Pyrénées that my legs walked their first peaks, climbed their first rocks, and my heart rocked. Today after many years, it is my turn to guide you. Trekking guide and trail runner, I had the chance to work in several French mountain chains. In winter, the Jurassian wild areas on skis; in summer, the endless trails of our beautiful Alps ... The mountains to relax, share, learn, surpass yourself ... Adventure awaits! See you soon, on trails."



Edy - UIAGM Mountain Guide

UIAGM-UVGAM Mountain Guide since 2006
Commercial helicopter pilot since 2016

"Born in Aosta in 1978, I lived in a village in the Gran San Bernardo valley, where since childhood I started moving my first steps in the mountains behind home in summer and winter. Mountain Guide since 2006, I love high mountain and ridges, wild and solitary lands are my favorites. In winter skiing is my main activity, from classic skitouring to great spring raids. Snow and meteorological observer since 2005, the knowledge and the constant data collection on the terrain are for me an essential safety requirement in any off-piste activity.Hopeless flying enthusiast, I am glider pilot since 2010 and commercial helicopter pilot since 2016."

Salomé - UIMLA Trekking Guide

“I have been walking the trails since I was very young, walking, mountain biking, cross-country skiing, ski-touring and finally horse riding ...
Cross-country ski trainer in winter in the Jura (at home), mental coach and instructor in summer (Trekking guide, mountain biking and horse riding instructor) I am keen to share my passions and discover our beautiful corners (French and Swiss Alps, French and Swiss Jura) with as many people as possible !
Breathe the fresh mountain air, relax, learn to observe, get to know each other, have a great experience ... that's what I offer you! "


Pierre - UIAGM Mountain Guide

"Always attracted by nature and the great outdoor environments, and driven by a thirst for discovery, the profession of Mountain Guide suits me perfectly.
This profession of “mountain craftsman” brings me to live the great pleasure of sharing and trust that settles in a rope.
I am based in High Tarentaise in Val d'Isère; my favorite winter days are ski touring days out with customers, loyal ”companions" since many years ... I love routes next door, but I’ve also done many ski trips throughout the alpine arc, from the Southern Alps to Dolomites, and sometimes further away: in Armenia, Abruzzo, Canada, Greece, Greenland, Norway or Turkey ...
The rest of the year I practice mountaineering and glacier hiking; I have an attraction for climbing big limestone walls in the sun ...!
I had the chance to make beautiful trips and treks in the Moroccan High Atlas, in Ladakh, Pakistan, Anatolia ...
I love photography and it is rare to come back home without a "souvenir album" ...
See you soon!"



Heike Guide Esprit MontagneHeike - Guide de Haute Montagne

"Originally I come from Germany. My passion for the mountains however have led me around the globe. In my quest for ice I have climbed in the Rockys, Canada and the far North of Norway, as well as in the Alps in France, Italy, Austria and Switzerland. Now I call the beautiful Aosta valley in Italy my home. The flanks of Mont Blanc allow me to follow my love for all mountain terrain, may it be ice-climbing , skitouring, alpine climbing or climbing the golden granite of the Satellites of Mont Blanc. For me it is the the perfect terrain to train, play and guide."



Find out more about the job of Mountain Guide:

What are the conditions to pass the probationary exam for mountain guides? 

To take the probationary exam for Aspiring Mountain Guide, you must :

  • Be at least 18 years old on January 1st of the year of the exam.
  • Present a list of 39 routes (climbing, mountaineering, ski touring or a committed route).
  • Hold a first aid training certificate.

How to become an Aspirant Guide? 

To become an Aspirant Guide, you have to pass an exam to obtain the high mountain guide diploma. This exam is organised by the Conseil National des Guides de Montagne. It includes several categories: theoretical and practical tests, as well as a physical test. Once the probationary period is over, the Aspiring Guide can begin training and improve his or her skills to acquire the experience needed to become a professional guide.

What is the training and how do I become a mountain guide? 

To become a mountain guide, you have to follow several steps to obtain the guide diploma, which generally take about ten years. Here are the main steps to become a mountain guide in France:
- Acquire a solid experience in the mountains: It is important to have a solid experience in the mountains, especially in mountaineering, ski touring, climbing or having done a lot of mountain ascents. It is also important to have a good knowledge of weather, snow and ice.
- Obtaining the state diploma of high mountain guide: For this, it is necessary to follow a training of several years with teachers of the ENSA (National School of Ski and Alpinism). This training includes theoretical and practical courses, mountain internships and probationary examinations.
- Acquire professional experience: Once you have graduated, it is important to acquire professional experience by working as an Aspirant Mountain Guide. This period allows you to improve your skills, gain more experience in the field and develop your professional skills while being supervised by more experienced guides. The Aspiring Guide can do many trips with clients but the most difficult ones will be allowed after a probationary period where he will make a new list of trips to go to the final High Mountain Guide training and get the final diploma.
High Mountain Guides are specialists in the high mountains, they can practice mountaineering in mixed terrain consisting of snow, ice and rock at any time of the year. They also practice ski touring, climbing, hiking and sometimes canyoning if they have the additional qualification. 
- Joining the International Union of Mountain Guides Associations (IUMGA): In order to work as a mountain guide abroad, it is important to be a member of the IUMGA. This international organisation brings together mountain guide associations from different countries and ensures a high level of quality and safety for clients.
To sum up, to become a mountain guide, you need to acquire a solid experience in the mountains, follow a training course that will allow you to acquire the State Diploma of Mountain Guide and then pass regular refresher courses to update your skills every 5 or 6 years.

What does a mountain guide earn? 

Mountain Guides are generally self-employed and are paid by the day. They are paid according to the difficulty of the route and its commitment, and rates can vary depending on the route in the country where it is being undertaken.

How to find and which mountain guide to choose? 

The choice of a Mountain Guide will depend on a number of factors such as the experience of the guide, the mountainous region you wish to venture into and your budget.
It is important to look for mountain guides who are qualified, recognised and hold a guiding diploma. Certified guides have undergone rigorous training and have the experience to help you make progress in managing the many risks in the mountains. It may be useful to ask for recommendations from other experienced climbers or to contact a mountain agency that knows many guides. The agency will be able to put you in touch with a guide who suits you, depending on the route and your physical abilities...
In the mountains, as in everyday life, the feeling is important, so roped parties are formed and it is easier to do technical routes with people you know!

What is the SNGM (Syndicat National des Guides de Montagne)? 

It is the French professional organisation of mountain guides. It represents the interests of mountain guides in France and aims to promote the profession and establish safety and quality standards. The mountain guides who are members of the SNGM are qualified professionals who have undergone rigorous training and have the necessary experience to accompany amateur mountaineers and climbers in the French mountains and elsewhere in the world!


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