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How Esprit Montagne faces Cvoid 19 during its Mountain Trips?

To limit the spread and protect yourself from Covid 19.

No one can ignore the existence of Covid 19, European states have put in place regulations to limit the spread of Covid 19.

Despite this, no one can imagine that one can be 100% Covid 19 safe except by remaining isolated from anyone.

To access the French and Italian refuges, participants must respect the Hiker's Charter, it is in the tab above the Esprit Montagne charter.

By purchasing a program of Esprit des Guides SA which includes nights in a mountain hut, you accept this charter and you agree to apply these rules. The well-being of all depends on it as well as good humor: the Hut Guardians and your Guides are not police officers, they are there to create good moments in the mountains.

Each person will do her best to prevent the spread of Covid 19 by keeping in mind that freedom and human relationships are the basis of our societies, with respect for others and the environment.


Each participant agrees not to come on a Esprit Montagne Program if he thinks that he has been in close contact with someone who has contracted Covid 19 in the last 15 days.

Each participant accepts that the group made up of Esprit des Guides SA cannot distance itself for a week, so they agree to eat at the same table and sleep in the same rooms without social distancing, groups are limited to 10 people with the Guide .

The group formed by Esprit des Guides SA will be distanced from the other groups during meals and overnight, it's up to you to be careful during the day, in the mountains physical distancing will be at best.

During Transport we will put on masks if regulations require it or otherwise it will be your choice.

Transport will be carried out in a 9-seater minibus with Team Esprit Montagne or your Guide in most cases, sometimes with public transport: at that time, the mask will be mandatory and the use of the gel recommended, each person is at now running gestures…

Transports in Chamonix are very short, your guide should make two shuttles trips with his car to drive you to the daily departure point, if physical distance does not seem feasible in public transport, groups have been limited to 8 people for that and to make the most of the week.

By purchasing a program of Esprit des Guides SA, I accept the Esprit des Guides SA Charter and the French huts hikers's charter which I will sign upon arrival of the stay, so that the Guide can present them to the Hut Keeper, as we are asked to do this year as for Trek permits in Nepal ...

For climbing programs you agree to cook with members of the group of 4 people in a private house!

Welcome to the great and wild spaces of the Alps with Esprit Montagne !

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