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Difficulty scale

Physical Level Esprit Montagne


Easy, let's go cool, without health concerns, motivation is enough, it's initiation! Effort corresponding to approximately 500-600m of elevation gain in trekking.

Pretty easy, we’ll  make it a little harder to go for a little summit, this is sport initiation! Effort corresponding to 700 to 900 m of elevation gain in trekking.

Intermediate level, between 2 and 3 stars, we will make some nice summits!
Effort corresponding to approximately 800 - 1000 m of elevation gain in trekking.

For sporty people, we will have some good walking days and make some beautiful summits, you are confirmed in the activity or welcome in Trail initiation! Effort corresponding to approximately 900 - 1200 m of elevation gain in trekking.

Intermediate screen, between 3 and 4 stars. Effort corresponding to approximately 1000 - 1400 m of elevation gain in trekking.

For trained sporty people, you master the sport activity of the trip you buy! Effort corresponding to approximately 1200 - 1700m of elevation gain in trekking.

Intermediate screen, between 4 and 5 stars. Effort corresponding to 1400m - 2000m of elevation approximately in trekking.

For highly trained sporty people, High Level in the sport activity of the trip you buy l! Effort corresponding to 1700 - 2500 m elevation gain in trekking, we are forced to run or do 12 hours walk per day.

Technical Level Esprit Montagne


Easy mountain trekking, a minimum of concentration and skill is necessary, this is initiation!
Learning how to start a mountain rescue.
12 people per AMM maximum

Quite easy mountain trekking, there can be dizzying passages where you have to be concentrated and if you don't feel dizzy it should be fine!
Learning how to start a mountain rescue and cartography.
Maximum 12 people per AMM

Intermediate screen between 2 and 3 Mountains.
Mountain trekking for experienced people, you have experience and skills in the mountains.
Some passages are dizzying and it is sometimes necessary to put your hands to help the progression.
Weather forecast learning and cartography experience: the guide could give you the map to learn how to manage a route.
Maximum11 people per AMM

Difficult trekking, there are several vertiginous, physical and technical passages, the path is sometimes equipped with cables and ladders to help the progression, it is not a Via Ferrata but we are obliged to use them. You must master the activity, you are independent in the mountains in easy passages, the guide will help you in difficult passages.
Weather forecast learning and learning of walking progression techniques with a mountain rope.
Maximum 10 people per AMM

Introduction to Glacier Hikes
Maximum 4 people per Guide.
You have mastered mountain walking & trekking for a long time seeing glaciers from afar, now you would like to see them up close!
Learn how to rope up and crampons walking technique on glacier.
Learning how to start a mountain rescue, mountain mapping and weather forecast.
Level example: Dôme de la Vanoise (French Tarentaise)

Climbing initiation
Maximum 4 people per Guide.
Learning to rope up and belay on a cliff as well as triggering a rescue. You must be concentrated and scrupulously respect the instructions of your Guide.
Level example: Easy climbing, 4c / 5a

Mountaineering initiation
Maximum 4 people per Guide.
You should be comfortable in mountain walking and varied terrain. Easy crampons walking on glacier.
If you have already done a glacier hike it is better but it is not mandatory: if you have good shape and good mental handling, you should have no problem.
Learning of hiking progression in High Mountain, for rather easy races and easy rescue techniques.
Example of level: an easy 4000, such as Gran Paradiso (4061 mt) - Gran Paradiso National Park

Confirmed climbers
Maximum 4 people per Guide.
You must be autonomous for roping and belaying on a cliff. Learning of long-distance maneuvers.
Level example: Climbing 5b / 5c

Mountaineering Intermediate Level
Maximum 2 people per Guide.
You have experience in mountaineering and hiking and you have already made an ascent at altitude.
You are comfortable with crampons walking and at ease on hiking on glacier, you can manage a rope on easy routes at altitude.
Possible learning of more complex techniques: rescue, weather forecast and cartography (GPS)…
Level example: Lyskam Nose (4272 m) - Monte Rosa Massif
A mountaineering rating will also be used.

Climbing Mastery
Maximum 4 people per guide.
You have experience in rock climbing and long-distance rock climbing. You master the basic technical maneuvers for climbing on long routes. Learning of more complex techniques on the main route and rappel techniques.

High Level Mountaineering
1 client per Guide
You have a good and confirmed level on hiking at high altitude, you are are totally at ease on dizzying ridges, you have a good level on mountain techniques, progression and rescue techniques. You have already completed a 4000m and it went very well.
Possible complex learning of weather forecast, of mountain conditions and snow conditions interpretation...
You know your Guide and have already done easier races together.
Level example: Mont Blanc (4819 mt) per Mont du Tacul, Mont Maudit et Mont Blanc.
A mountaineering rating will also be used.

High Level Climbers
Maximum 2 clients per Guide.
You are autonomous in the practice of rock climbing on long routes, you have a high technical level for climbing on long routes and rescue (hauling, abseiling, rappelling on fixed rope).
You know your guide and have already made easier routes together.
Level example: Climbing 6c / 7a

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