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Tailor your trip

Technical lev. : / 5

Technical lev. : / 5

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Physical lev. : / 5

  • On demand
  • Participants : 1 to 12
  • All year long

Tailor your mountain trip, send us your idea!

Esprit Montagne is a small travel agency on a human scale, we build adventure trips in the Alps or around the world!

We build tailor-made trips, give us a little idea and we will try to create the trip that best meets your wishes !

We work with a team of Guides and experienced mountain professionals who have chosen to work with us while respecting the strong values of our Agency: we try to reduce the impact of travel on the ecosystem by limiting transport to the maximum. ..

We are also working with several partners to raise awareness and do work on black mountain bees, which are threatened by the mixing of species!

With the CETA of Savoy and the Cœur d'une Ruche site, we are putting a small stone in this great building of biodiversity protection!

The house of the Black Bee in the Ménuires valley

Esprit Montagne supports the project of the CETA Savoie association, which selects and breeds a strain of black bee from the Alpine ecosystem in order not to lose the genetic heritage of the local bee.

This species is the endemic subspecies of Western Europe, it is better adapted to the conditions of our mountain environment.

Together with the Vanoise National Park and other partners, the Maison de l'Abeille Noire is a great place where young and old people can get to know bees better and therefore help their protection to be successful.
Black bees have been the European bees for millennia: evolution has produced a bee resistant to winters and quite prolific for honey!
Since the end of the Second World War, multiple crossings have taken place on a worldwide scale with very many species, including Buckfast which was crossed with the black bee and the Italian bee in order to increase the yield; unfortunately these species have a hard time resisting winters in mountain environments!

Why choosing Esprit Montagne?

We offer wild destinations at the heart of the Alps

  • discover the secret Italian valleys ...
  • in beautiful Swiss chalets to ski in the most beautiful ski resorts of the Alps in winter;
  • in summer we can offer you many trekking trips to live a mountain experience ...
  • discover many activities and destinations with passionate Guides, thrilled to share a great time in the mountains.

The strength of the Esprit Montagne Travel Agency

  • Easy mountain trips especially designed for families sharing good times with a few more sporting options during the day or after arriving at the refuge so that everyone can enjoy nature at their own pace;
  • Routes that go off the beaten tracks, with many variations to make you discover the most beautiful panoramas;
  • Trips that leave from major train stations in the Alps or that promote car sharing to limit transport costs and pollution;
  • Esprit Montagne works with several partners for mountain beekeeping and the protection of mountain bees;
  • Your payments are made with the Paygreen platform to promote a sustainable action: Esprit Montagne has chosen two organizations in favor of which you can round up your payment amount, you will be able to transform the purchase of your holiday into an eco-responsible action!
  • Trips for all types of mountain activity, with the creation of tailor-made vacations with our team;A clear and precise level and physical scale to better choose the mountain stay that best suits you;
  • Light backpacks: all food products are bought locally either at the mountain hut or at local shops when passing by along the route, in order to eat fresh and local products of our mountains. You will only have your lunch picnics to carry together with your belongings for the stay;
  • Small groups of maximum 10 people on hiking trips, then depending on the difficulty of the mountain program and the activities offered, we might fix a smaller number of people to facilitate relationships in the group and your improvement along the stay;
  • Fair prices for the agency and all providers that go with it: we work as a team, all partners are specialists in their field. An adventure trip is made up of several small elements that must well communicate with each other. Esprit Montagne chooses to value the work of each partner that contributes to the construction of your mountain travel adventures!

Esprit Montagne a travel agency specializing in adventure and mountain sports trips

We offer trips of 5 to 10 days or more, in the alpine valleys in France, Italy or Switzerland

Discover the Tour du Mont Blanc by the most beautiful variants and summits, the Traversée des Alpes by the high massifs of the Alpine Arc or many other stays.

Short stays of 3 to 4 days to enjoy a Mountain Break

We offer you intense short-term mountain vacations, so that you can enjoy your holidays and return home in good shape.

Weekends or daily mountain activities

Go for a weekend for a special adventure or a mountain climb, we offer many weekends departing from the major Alpine train stations.

Spend a night in a tent near the glaciers or a night in a yurt near Mont Blanc ....