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The wild side of Mont Blanc

Technical lev. : 2.5 / 5

Technical lev. : 2.5 / 5


Mountain hiking for experienced people, you have experience and skill in the mountains.
Some passages are vertiginous and it is sometimes necessary to put the hands to help the progression.
Learning about the weather and mapping experience, the Guide can take you to the map to learn how to manage a route if you wish!

Physical lev. : 3.5 / 5

Physical lev. : 3.5 / 5


Effort corresponding to about +1000 / +1400 mt of ascent in hiking per day.
You like endurance sports and do them about twice a week.

  • 5 days & 4 nights
  • Participants : 4 to 8
  • End of June until September
  • All inclusive in camping and refuge

The most beautiful paths of the Tour du Mont Blanc with a guide and a minibus to travel light! 5 days of hiking to contemplate the Mont Blanc massif from every angle, with the comfort of being accompanied by a minibus. A change of scenery and new adventures guaranteed

From 740

Tour du Mont Blanc 5 Days

Technical lev. : 2 / 5

Technical lev. : 2 / 5

There can be vertiginous passages where you have to be concentrated, it's better not to be afraid of heights!
Learning how to launch a mountain rescue and map reading techniques.

Physical lev. : 3 / 5

Physical lev. : 3 / 5

Effort corresponding to about 900 - 1000 m of ascent per day.
It's a bit harder, it is better if you have already had some experience on a mountain trip or if you like endurance sports and practice them regularly!

  • 5 days & 4 nights
  • Participants : From 4 to 10 pax
  • July / August / September
  • All Inclusive un Mountain Hut

A sporty Tour of Mont Blanc, which takes you through the most beautiful routes, mixing hiking and trekking with mountaineering initiation with the Crossing of the Vallée Blanche and the ascent of the Aiguille du Midi on option. A beautiful 5-day Trek as close as possible to Mont Blanc.

From 720

Tour du Mont Blanc 7 Days Hiking

Technical lev. : 2.5 / 5

Technical lev. : 2.5 / 5

Difficult trekking, there are several vertiginous, physical and technical passages, the path is sometimes equipped with cables and ladders to help the progression, it is not a Via Ferrata but we are obliged to use them. You must master the activity, you are independent in the mountains in easy passages, the guide will help you in difficult passages.
Weather forecast learning and learning of walking progression techniques with a mountain rope.
Maximum 10 people per Guide.

Physical lev. : 3 / 5

Physical lev. : 3 / 5

For sporty people, we will have some good walking days and make some beautiful summits, you are confirmed in the activity or welcome in Trail initiation! Effort corresponding to approximately 900 - 1200 m of elevation gain in trekking.

  • 7 days & 6 nights
  • Participants : 5 to 10
  • July / August
  • Mountain Hut + Hotel

The Tour of Mont-Blanc in 7 days, along alternative paths away from the crowds. We will cross Switzerland, France and Italy. You will discover three cultures, the trip will have several flavors and gastronomies. Esprit Montagne makes you discover the Variants of the Tour du Mont Blanc, to enjoy one of the most beautiful Massif in Europe..

From 980

Tour du Mont Blanc 10 days

Technical lev. : 3 / 5

Technical lev. : 3 / 5

Difficult trekking, there are several vertiginous, physical and technical passages, the path is sometimes equipped with cables and ladders to help the progression, it is not a Via Ferrata but we are obliged to use them. You must master the activity, you are independent in the mountains in easy passages, the guide will help you in difficult passages.

Weather forecast learning and learning of walking progression techniques with a mountain rope.


Physical lev. : 3.5 / 5

Physical lev. : 3.5 / 5

Intermediate stage, between 3 and 4 stars. Effort corresponding to approximately 1000 to 1400 meters of elevation gain in trekking.

  • 10 days & 9 nights
  • Participants : 4 to 10
  • On demand
  • All Inclusive in Mountain Hut

The Tour of Mont Blanc in 10 days, to discover its wilder paths. We will cross France, Switzerland and Italy. We will have the chance to enjoy three different cultures, linked together by the same Mountain Life: the trip will have several flavors and gastronomies. The charm of this famous Trekking, around the highest peak in Europe, is known worldwide.

From 1440

The Tour du Mont Blanc
from 5 to 10 days trekking tour

You can choose a 5-day, 7-day or 10-day Mont Blanc Tour!

Go on a trekking trip around Mont Blanc, on the paths and variants that the Esprit Montagne Guides propose you.

This adventure trip will have great surprises in store for you, across the borders of the Alpine range.

The Tour du Mont Blanc is one of the most famous treks, a must-see destination! Many hikers come from all over the world to make the Tour of Europe's highest summit: Mont Blanc rises to 4809 meters above sea level!

We will cross France, Italy and Switzerland to make this great hiking tour, which is rich in landscapes and culture!

The most beautiful variants of TMB: go on a Trekking with Esprit Montagne

We organise hiking tours that go off the beaten track: in order to do this, we reduce the groups to a maximum of 10 people per Trekking Guide!

We will be heading towards the most beautiful belvederes, so to leave you with the most beautiful views of Mont Blanc, Grandes Jorasses, Mont Dolent, Clocher de Saleina, Mont Fortin and many others that we will name later on ...

If the weather allows it, the Trekking Guides will look for wild trails where chamois and ibex pass. Your Guide will give you some basic advises to technically progress and have fun in the mountains. The Esprit Montagne team is always committed to helping you progress and going where you wouldn't dare go alone!

Our philosophy is to share our mountain passion in a group rather than racing; however for the first levels of physical difficulty, starting from the three stars mountain stays, it will be necessary to walk at a good pace to admire all the kilometres of the trekking!

The Tour du Mont Blanc in 7 days - mountain trip in France, Italy and Switzerland:

The highest massif in Europe brings together three countries: different cultures but a single passion for the mountains!

We will leave from Saint Gervais for the three Tours of Mont Blanc that we offer, according to your desires and time available you can choose between a trekking of 5, 7 or 10 days.

The shortest is done in 5 days, to make a Tour du Mont Blanc in France and Italy. We will even be able to discover the mountaineering world: you will be able to cross the Vallée Blanche with a Mountain Guide (this is an option that you can take if you wish, otherwise we will see all the most beautiful lookouts and summits). Depending on the duration, you can discover different parts of the TMB: in 7 days we will discover Switzerland and do the entire route, in 10 days you will be able to see all the most beautiful places in the massif.

The Col d'Enclave or the Col des Fours

For our second day we will have two choices depending on the conditions of the mountain and your form, your guide will choose the best route with you:

The Col d 'Enclave is a very wild route that passes through the Jovets Lakes. We will then take a small path which is aerial at the top. Arriving at the pass, the Valley of the Glaciers shows all its splendour, the view up there is exceptional. We will eat at the pass to enjoy the place, then we will walk heading towards our next lodge or mountain chalet for our second night.

A second path is possible via the Bonhomme pass, then the Fours pass. The path is less steep and much easier, which makes it easier for us if the weather is not good. The path passes near the top of the Tête Nord des Fours, where the ibex like to take a nap in the sun: we will surely make a small round trip to visit them. We will then descend by the Cascades (Waterfalls) path or by the lake of Mya.

Mont Joly and the Aiguilles Croches

Starting from Saint Gervais train station, we will take the thermal path. We will then catch the Bettex cable car, to take the Chemin des Crêtes du Mont Joly and Aiguilles Croches. The panorama  on the Aiguille de Bionnassay and the normal route of Mont Blanc is wonderful. The normal route climbs to the Aiguille du Goûter, then on the Bosses ridge, we may see mountaineers at the top.

Here we are on our ridge which is much easier, even if we must say that it has allure, the walkers who are at the bottom of the Contamines Montjoie valley are surely watching us. Indeed this variant of the TMB starts much higher than the Classic Tour.

We will then reach our refuge lower in the Valley after a wonderful day.

The Col de la Seigne and Mont Fortin

For our third day, we will leave early in the morning, depending on the paths either by the Chemin de Thomas, which passes at the feet of the Aiguille des Glaciers or by the classic path of the Col de la Seigne. We could take off trails to reach the Col de la Seigne and discover the south face of Mont Blanc. Then, we will quickly reach the Col des Chavannes and Mont Fortin which is the little summit just in front of Mont Blanc. The full Peuterey Ridge and the Freney Pillar stand in front of us, the view is Himalayan and wonderful with a wall of more than 3000 meters rising in front of us! We will quickly walk down to the Miage lake, to catch the bus that takes us to Courmayeur, where we will rest after this big trekking day. We will enjoy the Italian Dolce Vita and eat wherever you want in town!

Testa Bernarda and the Bonatti Hut

We leave the hotel early enough to walk in the morning cool air towards the Bertone refuge, we can take a short break after this charming climb that wakes you up! The path then becomes less steep. The view of the Grandes Jorasses and the Dente del Gigante becomes magnificent, while walking on an enormous mountain hill to reach the Mont de la Saxe. Depending on your shape, we will go to the Col d'Entre Deux Saut, one of the most beautiful places in the Alps: all the southern slope of Mont Blanc stands in front of us, Val Ferret and Val Veny give a perspective on 40 kilometers between Mont Dolent and the Aiguille des Glaciers. We reach the Refuge Bonatti or another refuge, depending on the reservations and we enjoy the Italian gastronomy.

The Grand Col Ferret and Switzerland

We are leaving for Switzerland today, after two days in Italy which will leave you with wonderful memories. The Petit Col Ferret next to the Grand Col Ferret can be easily reached by a balcony path, then a beautiful descent through the pastures will lead us to La Fouly, in Switzerland. Depending on the Tour, we will sleep at La Fouly or Champex. The famous Clocher de Saleina, that many climbers dream of climbing, will be on the TMB 10 route, for the 7 days we will be in Champex-Lac.

The Fenêtre d'Arpette and Argentière

We are leaving for the most famous variant of the Trek, but why did the ancients give the term "Window" to this pass? You will know it at the end of the day, the path is aerial and fast to walk on both sides, with a superb view of the Aiguilles Dorées and the Glaciers de Trient. We will take a bus, then a small train, to reach Argentière.

The Chamonix Valley and the Lac Blanc (White Lake)

We take the path to the Aiguilles Rouges reserve by the ladder path, we will surely meet ibex before arriving at Lacs des Chéserys and the Lac Blanc. Depending on the route, we sleep at the refuge or in Chamonix.

The Mer de Glace and the Aiguille du Midi

We will enjoy the capital of the Alps for the last evening together, then we will take some wild paths to discover the Mer de Glace and the Aiguilles de Chamonix. For those who want, you can take the Aiguille du Midi cable car which gives an exceptional view on the Chamonix Valley and the Mont Blanc, you will be able to discover how the men succeeded in building this ski lift, which is one of the of the highest in Europe.

The Nid d'Aigle (Eagle's Nest) and the Mont Blanc Tramway

We end the Tour by approaching the normal route of Mont Blanc. This day begins in Les Houches, we will meet mountaineers coming down from Mont Blanc with their big backpacks where ice axes, crampons and ropes are stored.

We enjoy the view one last time, to then take the Mont Blanc Tramway to reach our starting point in Saint Gervais and complete the Tour du Mont Blanc !

How do you organise your tour du mont blanc trek?

Organising a tour du mont blanc trek is a major challenge, as it requires careful planning and consideration of many factors. It is important to prepare and organise your trek well. You need to consider the length of the trek (5 days, 7 days or even 10 days), the type of terrain and level of difficulty, the weather and the season, the means of transport and the type of accommodation.
Once you've taken all these factors into account, you can plan your itinerary and your tour of Mont Blanc.

To organise all this, we advise you to use a travel agency with a guide, as they have the contacts with the refuges and will put your mind at rest !

When is the best time to trek around Mont Blanc?

The best time to undertake a Tour du Mont-Blanc trek depends on the weather conditions and the quality of the trails. In general, July is considered the best time to do the Tour du Mont-Blanc. However, it is advisable to check the weather conditions before setting off to ensure that the trails are passable.

The best time to tour Mont Blanc also depends on your personal preferences, your hiking experience and the weather conditions you are looking for. In general, the summer season is the most popular for this hike, as the trails are generally well cleared and accessible. The most common dates are June to September.

The pros and cons of the seasons for hiking in the Alps:


  • Advantages: The days are longer, so you can cover more distance each day. Mountain refuges are generally open, so you can enjoy a comfortable night's sleep after a long day's hiking. Weather conditions are more stable, with less risk of snow and rain.
  • Disadvantages: As this is the most popular period, the trails can be busier, especially in July and August. It is therefore advisable to book refuges in advance or go through a travel agency!

For spring:

  • Advantages: The scenery is beautiful with wildflowers in full bloom, and there are fewer hikers on the trails than in summer, especially at the start of the season. Temperatures are starting to warm up, but there may still be snow at higher altitudes...
  • Disadvantages: Trails may be partially covered in snow at higher altitudes, making the hike more difficult. Some sections of the route may be closed due to melting snow and avalanche risks.

For autumn:

  • Advantages: Trails are generally less busy than in summer, offering a more peaceful experience. Weather conditions are still fairly stable in early autumn, with pleasant temperatures for hiking and beautiful orange colours.
  • Disadvantages: Towards the end of autumn, the weather can become more unpredictable, with potential storms and rapid changes in conditions!


What footwear for the Tour du Mont Blanc?

For a Tour du Mont Blanc trek, it's very important to choose footwear suited to your level and walking style. You'll need to choose footwear that is hard-wearing, waterproof, comfortable and offers good grip on wet and slippery surfaces.

We strongly recommend that you try them out in a shop and do a few hikes in them before setting off on a trek lasting several days...

Some essential equipment for a walking itinerary around Mont Blanc :

For a trek around Mont Blanc, it's important to be well prepared and to have the right equipment. Here are some essential items of equipment for your walking itinerary around Mont Blanc :

  • Take a light bag with the minimum you need
  • A rain cape
  • a survival blanket
  • 1 or 2 water bottles with at least 2 litres of water
  • A headlamp
  • Sunglasses
  • A pair of thin gloves for high altitude passages
  • Sun cream
  • Meat bag for the refuge
  • Telescopic walking sticks