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Esprit Montagne offers you different Nordic ski touring trips to discover virgin slopes and beautiful summits in the Alps!
Ski touring, our passion during the winter season! An activity that combines the effort and satisfaction of the climb with the pleasure of skiing down in fresh snow, in the middle of a wild atmosphere, far away from the crowds of the ski resorts: escape from the everyday life guaranteed!


Ski touring holidays with Esprit Montagne

Sharing good times in a group and great powder turns is at the heart of our ski touring trips. We design our trips so that you can make the most of your mountain experience: accommodation, meals and all the little details... we organise your ski tour from A to Z!

What is ski touring?

Ski touring, also called ski mountaineering or ski touring, is the ideal activity for summer hikers who don't want to give up walking and the mountains during the winter season! Ski touring allows you to climb to the top of snowy mountains. How do you do it? With "sealskins" (of course synthetic). They are attached to the underside of our skis so that they don't slide backwards when the terrain becomes steeper, and thanks to a system of detachable ski bindings that allow the foot to pivot.

Once at the top, we put the skins back in the rucksack and enjoy a beautiful off-piste ski descent: all this far from the ski resorts and without the need for ski lifts!

Ski touring allows you to immerse yourself in a wild and calm nature, in the heart of immaculate landscapes drawn by the snow...

Ski touring trip: which destination to choose?

Esprit Montagne offers you ski touring holidays to discover wild regions in the heart of the Alps, to get away from it all, to enjoy immaculate landscapes and to make your tracks far away from the ski lift queues!

From the wild Val d'Aosta in Italy, between the Monte Rosa, Mont Blanc and Gran Paradiso massifs, to the Swiss Valais on the famous Chamonix Zermatt high route and passing through the Beaufortain and Vanoise in France. We have selected the best spots in the Alps between France, Switzerland and Italy! Itineraries tested and approved by our team! Get ready for a memorable ski touring experience, discovering exceptional panoramas in the heart of the Alps.

Whether you are a beginner or an expert, what level do you need to be in order to go ski touring?

You have never done ski touring and you would like to discover this activity? Don't worry, ski touring is not reserved for freeride champions! The only condition is to be in good physical shape, to have a good level of skiing on piste (comfortable on black runs) and to have already tried off-piste skiing and finally to be motivated! The mountain will reward you with unforgettable memories. The risk? Becoming addicted!

Ski touring trip, why should you go with a Mountain Guide?

Our Mountain Guides are qualified and experienced. They will guide you on the best itineraries to discover virgin and wild spaces; they will teach you the good techniques of progression in ski touring on a ground far from the beacons of the ski lifts and they will explain you the functioning of the safety equipment.

But not only that! Skiing with an experienced guide means, above all, skiing with a mountain professional who knows how to take into account the weather, analyse the snow conditions and choose the terrain according to the group's abilities. The Guide will share with you his knowledge of the mountain environment, to give you a better understanding of the major risk factors in ski touring and off-piste skiing.

Practicing backcountry skiing in safety

Practicing ski touring and evolving in the mountains in safe conditions requires a deep knowledge of the mountain environment and the possible risks. Zero risk does not exist in the mountains, but through appropriate behaviour and knowledge it is possible to reduce the risk. This is why it is very important to listen to the instructions and recommendations of your guide

Backcountry skiing and the knowledge of snow conditions

Snow is a complex and difficult element to master, as snow and its crystals change in real time due to constantly changing weather conditions.

Progressing on snowy terrain requires the careful observation of many factors: the orientation and inclination of the slopes, the direction and strength of the wind, the air temperature. All these elements have an effect on the snow and its stability. In order to choose the right route and to plan the ski trip, all these details must be taken into account and if necessary, you must know how to change the route or cancel the trip.

What equipment should I bring for my ski touring trip in the Alps?

Ski touring requires specific equipment. Touring skis are designed to be lighter and easier to handle than classic downhill skis. They have specific bindings to allow the heel to be free when ascending and to block it when descending. The same principle of lightness and flexibility applies to ski touring boots, which guarantee greater mobility of the ankle when ascending and which lock to guarantee rigid support when descending.

In addition to skis and boots, safety equipment is essential: you can't set off without your avalanche transceiver, shovel and probe in your backpack. This technical equipment is essential for the safety of the group and in the event of an avalanche rescue. Your guide will explain how it works and train you so that you are prepared if needed.

But that's not all, in order to be able to ski tour in comfortable conditions you also need additional equipment:

  • suitable ski touring clothing: waterproof and breathable jacket and trousers, preferably in Goretex (or alternative fabric); a thin down jacket; base layers (breathable technical tights and t-shirts); breathable fleece; gloves, socks, hat etc.
  • a good backpack between 25 and 30 litres
  • sunglasses and sun cream
  • ski poles, telescopic or classic, light and resistant, with washers for off-piste skiing.
  • Ski equipment can be hired from shops that Esprit Montagne will advise you on when you book.
Ski touring Switzerland - Level 1: Val de Bagne and Grand St Bernard

Ski touring Switzerland - Level 1: Val de Bagne and Grand St Bernard

Participants : 4 to 6      Duration : 4 days & 3 nights
Physical Lev :
Technical Lev :
From January to April
All inclusive in Mountain Hut

An ideal terrain for ski touring with its wild valleys, very open slopes and magnificent panoramas over the most beautiful 4000 m summits between Chamonix, Zermatt and Monte Rosa in Italy.
A high mountain atmosphere to explore, at the heart of the Swiss Wallis and the Alps! The best part of this trip? A night at the famous Hospice du Grand Saint Bernard...

970 €
Ski touring 4 days in the Beaufortain - French Tarentaise

Ski touring 4 days in the Beaufortain - French Tarentaise

Participants : 4 to 6      Duration : 4 days & 3 nights
Physical Lev :
Technical Lev :
From January to April
All inclusive in Guest House

4 ski touring days in the Beaufortain !
4 days of ski touring around a charming little village in the French Tarentaise to get into shape and enjoy the comfort of our guest house.
We will start with some easy ski touring in the beginning, to then increase the level heading to the feet of the famous Pierra Menta! 

790 €