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Our Playground - At the Heart of the Alps


Espritmontagne carries out its activities in the Aosta Valley and on the mountains of the whole world since many years, with passion and competence since always.
Our playground is located at the heart of the Alps between France, Italy and Switzerland.
Our Mountain- and Trekking Guides are French, Italian and Swiss: they will make you discover the Wild Alps!


Mountain holidays in France, Italy or Switzerland:

Esprit Montagne is a small travel agency, we work with a team of mountain guides and mountain leaders who live in the Alps. Your guides live close to the massif of your holidays to know the great spaces and their history well, we favour local guides as much as possible:
  •     In Italy, it is the Guides of the Val d'Aoste who will take you, they are all bilingual and speak very well French which is the second official language of the Val d'Aoste, this valley has an autonomous status in Italy. These inhabitants would have liked to become French after the Second World War.
  •     In France, the Guides de la Vanoise and Mont Blanc will take you to the mountains to practice the sports activities of your choice.
  •     In Switzerland, we guide you mainly in the Valais, which is the French speaking region, with our Franco-Italian guide team but sometimes you will also have Swiss guides.

Discover our destinations and mountain tours in summer or winter: 

  •     Italy, Valle d'Aosta is the cradle of Esprit Montagne, the Gran Paradiso Park, the peaks of Monte Rosa, Gran Paradiso and Mont Blanc are the favourite nature spots of our Guides, your desires for pure air and nature will be fulfilled in this region which is one of the wildest in the Alps, hike, climb in summer or ski in winter in ski touring or off-piste in the Valle d'Aosta
  •     In France, we will guide you in the Northern Alps mainly or in the Ecrins if you want to discover the Southern Alps.
  •     In Switzerland, we will guide you along the Tour du Mont Blanc or in the Teeth of Midi massif in the Valais or in the most beautiful ski resorts, discover Verbier which is well known by off-piste lovers. 

Travel to the mountains in the heart of Europe:

Esprit Montagne makes you discover the most beautiful Trek and Summits of the Alps which have nothing to be ashamed of in Nepal, two to three thousand meters less in altitude to facilitate the progression and the discovery of your favourite activities.

Private mountain trips:

For your mountain holidays give us your ideas and desires, we will build you the program of your dreams quickly without worrying about the organization to reach the summits and the pure air you want.

Esprit Montagne : concrete ideas behind our Philosophy

For us ecology is not an option, the protection of nature and biodiversity belongs to all people on the planet!

It is no longer a utopia to save the planet: more than half of people think that we must evolve to leave a planet worthy of Man to our children.

We prefer to think that the utopia is that of people who think that we can continue as before!

Mountain Trips Respectful of Nature and Human Work!

We reduce transports as much as possible by creating trips that leave from the main train stations in the Alps and by promoting car-sharing between the members of the same group who apply to it upon booking! We will send you the email list of participants who wish to car-share, in order to get in touch with each other.
Find out more about our philosophy and how your trips are built.

Fair prices that value everyone's work

In addition to ecology, one of the key elements of Esprit Montagne's philosophy is to maintain fair prices and not fall into the downward spiral of competition, in order to highlight the value of everyone's work and always guarantee a high quality of our products.

We recognize the value of our Trekking and Mountain Guide, as well as of hut keepers so that everyone is happy to work with us and so that they always welcome you in the best possible way!

A team of passionate mountain professionals:

An agency is first and foremost a team: we believe that men who know how to work together are always the best professionals!

Our secretaries have always lived in the mountains and have always been passionate about skiing, climbing, mountains and travelling: they will be of good advice to guide you in your program choice.

Esprit Montagne acts as a link between all the professionals involved in the creation of your mountain trip, taking care of all the smallest details so that you can leave for your mountain adventure without worries!

The professionals chosen by Esprit Montagne share our same philosophy.

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