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Covid 19 Hiker Charter for French Huts

Individual commitment charter for a safe stay in mountain Huts, for me and for other customers.

In the health context linked to COVID-19, everyone's individual responsibility to limit the effects of the pandemic is fundamental. This is also the case in the mountains, and more particularly in huts. The guardians and hut owners have adapted the organization and operation of the shelters to welcome you in the best possible conditions.

Everyone’s respect of measures and protocols in place is essential.
This is why, in order to confirm my compulsory reservation of my stay in a mountain hut:

I hereby certify:

  • To be aware that in the current health context, the operation, the reception conditions and the services offered by the hut will not be the same as usual;
  • Having read the specific equipment that I must bring accordingly for me and for my group to be able to stay in the refuge (individual protection and disinfection equipment, bed linen, sleeping bag, personal linen ...).
  • To be aware that non-compliance with health regulations may result in the cancellation of my reservation by the caretaker to ensure the safety of the greatest number in the face of the epidemic.

I also agree:

  • not go to a refuge if someone from my constituted group or myself have potential symptoms of COVID-19 (cough, fever> 37.8 ° C, diarrhea, nausea, cold, very tired, conjunctivitis, loss of taste or smell);
  • To respect my reservation conditions (number of people, group composition, number of nights, type of service (bivouac or dormitory), arrival time and meals ...);
  • Wash my hands with soap before entering the shelter;
  • To respect the barrier gestures (physical distance, hands disinfection, wearing of the mask, direction of circulation in the buildings, ...) and the daily rules in a refuge which have been adapted to each hut and presented in the specific health protocol available on the refuge's website and presented by the guardian upon my arrival;
  • To bring all the adequate material necessary for the health security for myself and my group (hydro-alcoholic gel, mask, ...) in addition to conventional material necessary for my mountain security;
  • To take back with me all the protection equipment used during my stay and sleeping.


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