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Mountain Trip in Italy and Aosta Valley: discover our adventure stays

Esprit Montagne invites you to discover the Monte Rosa, the Gran Paradiso and the Mont Blanc southern side massifs. Discover the indipendent region of Aosta Valley in Italy, the two highest mountain ranges in the Alps are located here ...

Perhaps the most beautiful Alpine Treks can be found in the Valley of Aosta:

The mountains of Valle d'Aosta have remained very wild thanks to the creation of the Gran Paradiso National Park, which has been the first European territory to be protected by King Victor Emmanuel II, who had protected the area by creating a hunting reserve.

Where is Aosta Valley:

Aosta Valley is located on the west side of northern Italy: Mont Blanc is its northern end. The Dora Baltea flows at the bottom of the valley, to then join the Po river in Piedmont.

The region borders with France with the Mont Blanc mountain range and the Haute Tarentaise in Savoy. Switzerland also borders Aosta Valley with the Grand Saint Bernard and the Monte Rosa massif.

How to access the Valley of Aosta:

It is now easy to come all year round to Aosta Valley, by the Mont Blanc Tunnel via France or by the Grand Saint Bernard tunnel via Switzerland.

The railway access is quite long by Milan or Turin, the line stops in Aosta.

Access via the high passes in summer

It is possible to enter the Aosta Valley from France only through the Petit Saint Bernard pass, which is located in Savoie in the Haute Tarentaise valley. From Switzerland the only road pass is the Grand Saint Bernard, which is located above Martigny.

The Aosta Valley:

The Valle d'Aosta region is a small corner of France in Italy: the local people speak fluent French, which they learn at school from the age of 7. This Italian autonomous region has an assembly and a local government. Italian and French are the official languages ??of the region. This region is located at the heart of the Alps, with some of the highest alpine summit such as Mont Blanc, Matterhorn, Grand Combin, Gran Paradiso and Monte Rosa.

Many vineyards and castles:

The Aosta Valley has been cultivated for millennia, the Romans started planting vines in the region by building many walls to enable terrace cultivation. Later on, the Duchy of Savoy controlled the area from the 11th century: many castles were built, which today are still very well maintained and which embellish the landscapes of this mountain region.

The Forte di Bard is the biggest fortress of the region: its building took about 1000 years to be finished. It was featured in the Avengers movie!


Courmayeur is the ski and mountaineering capital in Italy, as Chamonix is ??in France. The ski resort is located at the feet of Mont Blanc, with an exceptional view of the southern face of the Mont Blanc massif.

Val di Cogne:

It is an interior valley of the Gran Paradiso National Park, it was an autonomous valley for a long time because of its difficulty of access. It is the paradise of the winter cross-country skiing, a stage of the World Cup if takes place here. The ski resort is magnificent at the feet of the Gran Paradiso north face. Hotels are very comfortable, with many three-star establishments. It is the perfect place to take a break in the mountains, for a long weekend or more ... In summer, many activities are possible: trekking, hiking and trekking, mountain biking or paragliding; there are also plenty of routes for a hike or easy walk suitable for families.


Aosta is located at the center of the region, its city center is magnificent with many Roman remains: Aosta is considered to be the second richest in Roman remains after Rome!

You can visit the old theatre, where the millennial local festival of the Foire de Saint Ours is held at the end of January, which brings together all the artists and wood carvers of the region, who come to sell their masterpieces. The Foire de Saint Ours has just celebrated its thousand years! Enjoy the Italian Dolce Vita and the excellent Italian cuisine in this charming Roman city at the heart of the Alps.

Pre Saint Didier:

The Pré Saint Didier thermal baths are very well known. They are located 5 kilometres away from Courmayeur, it is a magical place that allows you to rest for a day after your stay.

The strengths of Esprit Montagne, the adventure travel company of the Alps:

  • we organise only small groups in the mountains, up to 10 people in trekking, in order to allow a good experience and a good group relationship and discover the most beautiful alternative paths and summits!
  • get off the beaten track in small groups, your Guide will show you the most beautiful alternative paths!
  • the Esprit Montagne team is committed to safeguarding the Black Mountain Bees: booking your mountain trip with our adventure travel company, means helping to safeguard bees and our mountain environment!
  • we eat local: to lighten the weight of the backpacks, we organise our lunch packs taking good local products prepared by the hut keepers or your Guides!
  • our mountain adventure trips are designed to reduce transport as much as possible, organising the departure from the alpine train stations or by car sharing with members of the group who wish to!

Discover our destinations in the Valley of Aosta and our hiking adventures in the Alps

The Monte Rosa Tour:

The Monte Rosa chain, between Switzerland and Italy, is the second highest massif in Europe: the Monte Rosa Tour is one of the most beautiful routes in the Alps. The Monte Rosa Tour is quite difficult: it is an adventure hiking tour, which requires a very good physical shape and mountain trekking and hiking experience. The very wild nature mixes up perfectly with the typical architecture: the beauty of the Walsers wooden chalets is renowned for their architectural peculiarity. Along this trek you will pass through Switzerland, Piedmont and the many valleys of the Valle d'Aosta region.

The Tour du Mont Blanc:

The Mont Blanc Tour is the most famous and frequented trek in the Alps, which has many surprises and highlights. Hikers complete this 160 km circuit in 7 days or 10 days, depending on the chosen itinerary. The paths are marked along the route: our Guides will show you the most beautiful trails and help you manage the pace, reservations and they regularly collect food for your picnics.

The Matterhorn Tour:

It is certainly the most difficult hiking trip of the Alps, like climbing Matterhorn is in the mountaineering world. The Matterhorn Tour is a trekking itinerary that makes many trekkers dream. You need to be in very good physical shape and have a good mountain hiking and trekking experience to undertake this tour. You will pass through Cervinia, then through the Valpelline and Arolla valleys in Switzerland, before returning to Zermatt.

Mont Blanc southern side:

We offer you a comfort trekking that goes along the best parts of the Italian Tour du Mont Blanc, with a passage to the Grand Saint Bernard in Switzerland.

This trek can be carried out with a good physical shape; nights are spent in a hotel except for one night in the Bonatti Refuge which is one of the best mountain huts of the TMB.

The Grée Alps:

The valley of Valgrisenche, with that of La Thuile and Rhêmes Notre Dame, forms the massif of the Alps Grées between Mont Blanc and Gran Paradiso.

It is one of the wildest massifs in the Alps. Hike to Lago San Grato, the jewel of this valley!

The Gran Paradiso National Park:

It is the first protected natural area in Europe, which was created by King Vittorio Emanuele II: together with the French Vanoise National Park, it forms the largest protected area in Europe. It is the land of freedom for hikers and mountaineers. You will most likely be able to admire the ibex, which have been saved from extinction.

The Trekking and Mountain Guides of the Esprit Montagne team:

Our Guides have a very good knowledge of the Alps, they have been traveling and walking around the Italian, Swiss and French Alps for many years.

With them you can learn orientation in the mountains using a map and a compass. They will be of good advice to better manage your hiking trip.

Prepare your Mountain Trek:

Depending on the altitude and the time of year, you have to be well equipped.

Esprit Montagne changes the equipment lists according to the hiking trip, in order to lighten your backpacks as much as possible and have fun in the mountains, while keeping all the necessary material. Make sure you pack your backpack in advance so you don't forget anything. Don't forget the camera, it will be a shame!

Alpine Trekking between French Alps & Aosta Valley

Alpine Trekking between French Alps & Aosta Valley

Participants : 4 to 10      Duration : 5 days & 5 nights
Physical Lev :
Technical Lev :
from July to September
All inclusive in Mountain Hut

We start from Bourg Saint Maurice to join a village towards Courmayeur in Italy. Then the Trek continues: we will follow the frontiere, once in France, once in Italy with  the Mont Blanc on the background further north. It is a magnificent Trek between glaciers, lakes and mountain pastures, into areas that have kept their wilderness. 

720 €