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Yoga hiking course in Annecy

Technical lev. : / 5

Technical lev. : / 5

There can be vertiginous passages where you have to be concentrated, it's better not to be afraid of heights!
Learning how to launch a mountain rescue and mapping.

Physical lev. : / 5

Physical lev. : / 5

Effort corresponding to about 500-700m of ascent per day.
Your guide will manage the speed of the group so that everyone has fun in the mountains, you will see lakes to enjoy the day, we do not race!

  • 4 days and 3 nights
  • Participants : 4 to 10
  • summer
  • All inclusive in hotel

Take time out for a long weekend in Annecy. Head for the peaks above Lake Annecy, where yoga sessions take place in the mountains and on the way back in the evening at the Col de la Forclaz. Enjoy the sunrise and sunset over the lake in a charming little village.

From 750

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Mountain Yoga courses

Our Yoga programs are always mixed with a dynamic sports activity!

If we believe that sport allows us to concentrate and increase our mental capacities, the practice of Yoga allows us to go even further.

For the summer 2021 we are offering three yoga courses, with different activities alongside, so that everyone can find the sport trip that best suits him:

Several yoga & hiking trips in Annecy of two and a half days and three nights, with easy hiking tour above the lake and relaxation or dynamic yoga sessions, depending on the participants' expectations. Lise Brunet is a Trekking Guide with a Yoga specialisation. She can link the two activities and bring you to beautiful landscapes to practice Yoga as you have never done, at the heart of the great alpine spaces.

A Trail Mountain Course in Chamonix Mont Blanc from 08/01 to 08/06/2021 leaded by Jean Luc: we will work on our feet support and mountain running technique on the demanding paths of the Chamonix valley. Yoga will be performed by Solène Sullerot in the evening or in the morning before we start running in the mountains. We can discuss the diet and put you in touch with Samantha Bernos, Ayurveda and Indian medicine therapist and Yoga teacher too, for a personalised approach, optional during the free day at the end of the course.

Esprit Montagne has at heart an approach to the practice of mountain sports that combines well with the Yoga philosophy:

Ayurveda is an art of living that allows you to feel better into your body, Indian medicine with its 5000 years of existence brings many ideas to take care of your body to better heal yourself, increase your performance or simply to live better!

Many different Yoga disciplines exist, they were born in the Himalayan mountains in India, Nepal, Tibet and other parts of Asia. The Guides of Esprit Montagne were able to discover these philosophies during adventure trips in the Himalayas, our sports projects have led us to discover a thousand-year-old culture and have given us the possibility of a new vision on the world around us!

Esprit Montagne relies on qualified instructors, so that you can discover a whole universe that will allow you to better manage stress in your daily life, at home and at work, but also to enjoy a moment of relaxation and healing in direct contact with nature in our mountains!

Hiking is a form of meditation that allows you to recharge your batteries while walking:

We can leave early in the morning on an empty stomach to enjoy the first rays of the sun and have breakfast in the mountains with the light of day.
The beauty of nature is always an aid to relaxation, we will discover the most beautiful places in Haute Savoie at the feet of Mont Blanc and in Annecy at the heart of the Aravis!

Yoga is also dynamic movement with Vinyasa, during the trail courses we will seek to improve your performance thanks to this practice which allows you to gain flexibility, concentration and also self-control.

Experienced professionals who work as a team, to give you the best of everyone in a good atmosphere!

These weeks of sharing are also the time to exchange ideas for sports professionals in different universes and to continue to improve our knowledge in the field of nutrition, relaxation techniques and mental strength to be in harmony with the outside world.

Organised stays in France for hiking and running in the mountains and an immersion in the world of Yoga and Ayurveda:

At the feet of the Mont Blanc massif you can take time to refocus and recharge your batteries, while enjoying the mountain lakes and the aerial landscapes that nature offers us to escape our daily worries.

All Yoga stays are organised with accommodation in hotels which have a particular charm:

The Chamonix Trail & Yoga course is organised at Pointe Isabelle, a three-star hotel in the center of Chamonix a stone's throw from the train station and the Maison des Artistes ... We will run in the Emosson valley and towards Mont Buet / Mont Blanc des Dames.

The Yoga & Hiking weekend in Annecy will allow you to spend several days above the Annecy Lake, to enjoy the great sunrise and sunset over the famous lake.
The Aravis massif is very easy to access by high speed train and shuttle buses allow you to easily reach the Col de la Forclaz, limiting transport at most. Esprit Montagne also offers a carpooling system which members of the same group can access upon booking, to reduce the costs of your vacation and enjoy a moment of sharing.

The strengths of the Esprit Montagne Agency:

  • Esprit Montagne organises courses with small groups (10 people maximum)
  • Local products for picnics
  • Wild routes far from the beaten track
  • A team of certified and experienced professionals
  • An action for Black Mountain Bee with CETA Savoie and Au coeur d'une Ruche ...
  • Payments provided by Paygreen, for concrete sustainable actions ...
  • Programs accessible by major Alpine stations to limit pollution