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Discover the Italian, French and Swiss Alps on a Family Trek!

Travel and discover the most beautiful treks off the beaten track with our mountain leaders, who travel the Alps between France, Switzerland and Italy!
Find an itinerary for you and your family, we'll find the right route for your children to fall in love with the mountains just like you!
Set off with a Guide, so you can leave with peace of mind: the weather, the itinerary and hut bookings are all taken care of by him!
Grandparents, parents and children aged 8 and over can all enjoy discovering the Alps!

We suggest that you set off on specially adapted itineraries so that you can be sure of arriving at the hut with a smile on your face, even if the weather gets in the way !

Discover the Italian, French or Swiss Alps on a Family Trek!

Travel off the beaten track on some of the most beautiful treks with our Alpine Guides, who cover the Alps between France, Switzerland and Italy!
For peace of mind, take a guide who can manage the weather, the itinerary and hut bookings!
Grandparents, parents and children aged 8 and over can all enjoy discovering the Alps!

Family holidays in the Alps :

Family holidays are a great time to get together, enjoy time together and share new experiences. Travelling as a family is the ideal opportunity to create beautiful memories and strengthen bonds, and trekking is one of the most beautiful ways to travel, taking your time on foot, far from civilisation. Your children will rediscover nature !

Set off on an adventure with a family trek in the Alps:

Discover the Alps by going on a trek in the heart of nature. Your children will discover the mountains in magical places far from the crowds. Esprit Montagne goes off the beaten track with local products from our mountains to make you travel all the more!

The best family treks in the Alps with a Guide :

Esprit Montagne is a small travel agency with Guides who design trekking programmes to help you discover the most beautiful itineraries with magnificent accommodation and refuges, some of which are rare gems (unusual tepees, transparent tents, yurts or unusual refuges).

For Esprit Montagne, the mountains are first and foremost a place to share and recharge your batteries, so discover our treks, which are among the most beautiful in the Alps and within your children's reach !

5 easy multi-day family treks in the Alps :

Cross the Beaufortain in 5 days :

The Beaufortain, with its mountain pastures and lakes, is a great massif to cross with young children (aged between 6 and 7). It's the ideal place, with short walks and plenty of refuges, for a 3 to 5 day itinerary ! Discover the Beaufortain traverse.

Discover Haute Maurienne in the heart of the Vanoise Park :

I'm sure your children are sporty and well-suited to adventure, so let's set off to cross passes at an altitude of over 3,000 metres. The Vanoise is high in altitude, and the refuges are often at 2,500 metres, so the difference in altitude is around 700 to 800 metres, and the ibexes and patous will be there too !

Dare to experience the high mountains of the Mont Rose Massif with a trek to acclimatise to the altitude : 

Your children have already caught the mountain bug, so from the age of 10 you can try your hand at discovering the Mont Rose massif, the second highest peak in the Alps. We've found you the best days of the Tour du Mont Rose, with a bit of mountaineering at the end to keep young and old alike happy. The accommodation and refuges are Italian, so they're top notch!

To ensure the trip runs smoothly, we're aiming to climb gradually in altitude, and with the guidance of a mountain guide, we'll be heading for peaks of up to 4000 metres!

Discover the Ecrins in the heart of the Valgaudemar valley, the little Himalayas !

If you're in the mood for a wild and easy trek with your children, we've had to look at the maps several times to find a trek that's accessible to children in the heart of the Ecrins massif. Check out this link to find out !

An unusual trek just a stone's throw from Mont Blanc :

If you fancy sleeping in a tepee or a yurt while watching Mont Blanc with your children during a three-day family trek along wild paths to avoid the crowds, then this trek with unusual accommodation is for you !

What's the difference between a trek and a family hike?

When you go on a trek, you're obviously roaming around for several days, whereas when you go on a rando, it's a star trek, so you have less to carry. Either way, it's a real eye-opener, so the choice is yours !

The best family trekking tours in the Alps

A great mountain trek is all very well, but you need to find one that's easy to adapt to each member of the family. You need to know the itineraries and plan Bs so as not to take risks with your children... If you're not used to dealing with maps, the weather and all the other things that can complicate a good trek, we advise you to let yourself be guided to discover the fauna, flora and legends of our mountains.
The Vanoise and Val d'Aoste Valleys, which we know well, are great starting points for your adventure !

The best family treks in the Alps

Everyone has their own desires and abilities, so Esprit Montagne Guides believe that a 5-minute phone call is all it takes to find the holiday and trek that's right for you. An exchange between two human beings promises the most beautiful things, so give us a try by calling 00 33 7 84 98 29 80 or by email using our contact form.

Trek in the Alps for your holidays in the mountains

Trekking is an outdoor activity that involves walking in the mountains for several days, from hut to hut. It's the perfect activity for a family holiday, as it allows you to enjoy the beauty of the Alpine scenery while being in the fresh air and creating memories you won't soon forget ;)