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Rock Climbing and Multipitch

Valgrisenche, our secret climbing spot

Technical lev. : 4.5 / 5

Technical lev. : 4.5 / 5

Physical lev. : 2.5 / 5

Physical lev. : 2.5 / 5

  • 4 days & 5 nights
  • Participants : 4
  • Summer

Valgrisenche is in the heart of the Valle d'Aosta: this little corner of paradise is not far from the Mont Blanc and the Mont Rose.
The climbing here is done on cliffs or in routes of several lengths and sometimes in the mountains.

Possibility to privatize the stay.

Booking Dates & Prices

Prices for the climbing course in the Valgrisenche valley:

Included in the price :

4 days of climbing with a mountain guide;
group equipment (ropes, carabiners etc ...);
5 nights in a private mountain house in Valgrisenche (La Bethaz), possibility of free parking in front;
Bed sheets.

The price does not include:

personal technical equipment (harness, climbing shoes, climbing helmet);
picnics, drinks and snacks so you can eat as you like;
meals at home, you will cook together, outdoor barbecue possible, restaurant and shops nearby in the village of Valgrisenche and mainly in Arvier, Introd and Aosta which are 25 to 45 minutes by car; You must do the cleaning at the end of your stay: this should not normally take long;
all that is not mentioned in "the price includes".

Your climbing stay

Welcome to the climbing paradise: Valle d'Aosta.

Once you've had a taste of it, we're sure you'll be back! You'll enjoy a private guide who will adapt to your level.
This little corner of paradise is not far from Mont Blanc and Mont Rose.

You will discover one of the wildest valleys of the Alps: Valgrisenche is a jewel of climbing.

About twenty climbing sites on one of the best Gneiss of the Alps, you can discover climbing in cliff with very pleasant sites of altitude where one climbs without being too hot!
Valgrisenche is in the heart of Valle d'Aosta: an Italian region where the people of Valle d'Aosta speak French, it is their second language.

The Aosta Valley and particularly Valgrisenche offer great possibilities to improve your climbing skills.
To improve, the support plays a big role. The diversity of profiles and styles found in Valgrisenche allows you to enrich your repertoire of skills from level 5 to level 7a.
Slabs, steep walls, dihedrals, cracks and overhangs: all these motifs can be found on exciting routes and well-equipped sport climbs.
We will make sure that the climber dares to go to the end of the movement and will tame the fear of flying, which is one of the main limiting factors of the progression...

The main objective is to enjoy climbing: this is a prerequisite for listening to one's sensations and being available to the guide's remarks and advice. First of all, it is necessary to get to know oneself and this will be done through various climbs which will allow to make a diagnosis.

Welcome to us, paradise is here!

Possibility to modify the program: contact us by email at

The Program

Duration of the climbing course in Italy in the Aosta Valley :

We propose two formulas:

A 3-day climbing course or a 5-day course.

The prices vary according to the duration of the course.

The possible period to realize this course is from May to October. The temperatures are generally more pleasant during this period.

You will arrive in Valgrisenche by car

  • By the Col du Grand Saint Bernard if you arrive from Switzerland
  • By the Petit Saint Bernard pass if you are coming from Tarentaise to avoid the toll of the Mont Blanc tunnel (50 euros one way).

You can of course arrive earlier to enjoy the valley, it offers many beautiful hikes.
You can ask us for advice, we will be happy to answer you :)

Formula 3 days | Climbing and big routes :

You will meet your guide the first day and then go directly on the cliff climbing in the day in one of the superb sites of the valley according to your level and the weather.
The sites are mainly sunny and well exposed, on the adret.
The cliffs and big routes of the valley have been well equipped by the local guides.
You will learn rope handling or go climbing directly depending on your level.

The programs will be chosen and adapted by the guide more or less in advance according to the weather and your desires!

The more the days will advance, the more you will learn climbing techniques. The Gneiss of the valley is of very good quality.

5 days formula :

There are no big changes between the 3 day formula and the 5 day formula, however, keep in mind that 3 days go by very quickly. If you really want to improve your skills, the 5-day formula will be much more interesting for you!
Moreover, you will have the opportunity to discover more sites. This will allow you to personalize your stay by asking your guide to go back on such or such way that you will have appreciated.
Over 5 days, you will be less in a hurry and will be able to fully enjoy the exceptional landscapes that surround you.

Number of participants :

From 4 to 8 participants maximum (to see how to calibrate the prices and the state of mind)


The equipment you need for your week of climbing:


  • light mountain walking / trekking shoes
  • climbing shoes and your personal climbing equipment (the mountain guide will carry out a material check on the first day)
  • climbing harness
  • climbing helmet
  • Backpack 30 lt
  • trekking poles


  • breathable technical t-shirts
  • climbing pants and shorts
  • mountain walking pants
  • a warm fleece
  • a fine down jacket
  • a windproof and waterproof Gore Tex or similar jacket


  • warm hat
  • Sun hat
  • neck band
  • Solar cream
  • Sunglasses
  • camera
  • small personal pharmacy with your personal treatments, pills, what to make a small bandage, survival sheet
  • your documents and phone


Level required for the climbing course:

You already climb indoors or on cliffs and you want to climb in the mountains on natural rock and gain height on a long route. Your guide will show you the techniques and find the best spots for you according to your level and the weather.

Minimum level required for the climbing course : 5b

Useful Info


We recommend to have your own personal travel insurance, covering accident abroad and repatriation.

How to reach Aosta Valley and Valgrisenche:

Valgrisenche is two and a half hours drive from Milan and Geneva airports.

  • via Milan - take the highway direction Torino, afterwards follow for Aosta; highway exit in Aosta Ovest; follow directions for Courmayeur, after 10 km in Arvier take the second exit at the roundabout and keep going up the road until Valgrisenche;
  • via Geneva or Chamonix Mont Blanc - take the highway, direction France-Chamonix; then follow for Mont Blanc tunnel Aosta-Courmayeur; pass the Mont Blanc Tunnel; at the exit of Courmayeur follow signs to Aosta on the normal road for 15 km (do not take the motorway). Right after the third tunnel in Leverogne/Arvier turn right and take the road for Valgrisenche until you will reach the chosen hotel;
  • or via Bourg Saint Maurice – Col du Petit Saint Bernard: you can reach Bourg Saint Maurice by train from the main French airports. Once in Bourg Saint Maurice you will need to rent a car to reach the Aosta Valley via the Col du Petit Saint Bernard (2 hours drive). It's a little longer trip but you can save the toll at the Mont Blanc Tunnel.

Public transport in Aosta Valley :

Bus transportation within the Aosta Region:
Bus transportation from Chamonix to Courmayeur:
Bus transportation from Courmayeur to Aosta: (to take the Valsavarenche bus, stop at Villeuneuve village)
Bus transportation from Milan to Aosta :




The week before your departure, you will receive a reminder by email with all the information concerning the appointment and the guide in charge of your group.


  • Plan picnics for lunch
  • Remember to bring snacks according to your tastes to nibble between two routes! (cereal bars, dried fruits, chocolate, etc...)

The budget for your stay


. 4 days of climbing with a mountain guide
. group equipment (ropes, carabiners etc ...)
. 5 nights in a private mountain house in Valgrisenche (La Bethaz), possibility of free parking in front
. Bed sheets


. personal technical equipment (harness, climbing shoes, climbing helmet)
. picnics, drinks and snacks so you can eat as you like
. meals at home, you will cook together, outdoor barbecue possible, restaurant and shops nearby in the village of Valgrisenche and mainly in Arvier, Introd and Aosta which are 25 to 45 minutes by car; You must do the cleaning at the end of your stay: this should not . normally take long
. all that is not mentioned in "the price includes"

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