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Valgrisenche, our secret climbing spot

Technical lev. : 4.5 / 5

Technical lev. : 4.5 / 5

Physical lev. : 2.5 / 5

Physical lev. : 2.5 / 5

  • 4 days & 5 nights
  • Participants : 4
  • Summer

COMFORT ACCOMMODATION in Private Mountain House
Valgrisenche is the Rock Climbing Mecca in Aosta Valley, where you will find beautiful gneiss walls with routes for every level and multi-pitches walls with a spectacular view on the Valley and, in good weather, to Matterhorn and Monterosa as well!

Climbing and Via Ferrata in Haute Tarentaise

Technical lev. : 4 / 5

Technical lev. : 4 / 5

Physical lev. : 2.5 / 5

Physical lev. : 2.5 / 5

  • 5 days & 5 night
  • Participants : 4
  • Summer

A climbing week to make you improve on rock starting with climbing on wall, to then pass to Via Ferrata and multiple pitches climb to gradually adapt you to the different conditions.

From 816

Discover our Climbing and Multi-pitches Programs

Take advantage of a climbing stay supervised by a Guide to discover the climbers world or improve your level ...

Become autonomous on rock climbing and on multi-pitch routes

It is always an adventure to go climbing a wall or a multi-pitch route, it is very important to progress regularly without making bad moves. The Esprit Montagne Guides are there to teach you the right techniques and always keep a safety margin. Climbing always involves risks, but it is very important to learn to know them in order to better manage them. Your instructors have been climbing for a long time, they will give you advices to better understand this environment.

Training in rappelling and belaying techniques on school walls and multi-pitch routes

Climbing techniques and belaying on multi-pitch routes is very different from sport climbing, you have to learn different techniques and automate them with professionals before considering embarking on such adventures on your own and have fun in the mountains !

Climb better with the advice of a climbing instructor

The practice of climbing requires a lot of techniques: how to use your feet and the reading of a route are essential elements to have a good progression.

Your instructor will give you tips on how to force as little as possible, in order to save all your energies for the most difficult parts which require physical and mental strength or resistance.

The advantages of the Esprit Montagne Team

  • We choose the best climbing spots, depending on the time of year, to climb with a pleasant temperature neither too hot nor too cold;
  • Discover exceptional climbing sites in the heart of nature, we climb mainly in France and Italy;
  • Your Guide takes care of the reservations, the weather forecast, the choice of the climbing sector, and your improvement;
  • We promote car sharing as soon as the program is confirmed, which allows you to reduce transport costs;

The Via Ferrata to get used to big walls and height, before making a multi-pitches route

The initiation and improvement programs always include a day on a Via Ferrata, to allow you to set up small, simple exercises on the wall, before starting the serious things. It is much more comfortable to start rope maneuvers with an easy route, before going on a more difficultclimbing route.

Climbing: a journey in the vertical world

Our trips take place mainly outdoors, if the weather is not good, you may climb indoors by paying entry. Otherwise you can do another activity or rope manipulations to familiarize yourself with the techniques.

Climbing discovery course to gain experience

Improving in rock climbing takes time, even for the most gifted, you need to be patient: a large part of the movements require experience, especially on multi-pitch routes and in the mountains where the equipment is more widely spaced. In order not to take risks, you have to learn to read the terrain and its dangers: sometimes a route can be much more engaged than what a beginner might think. Take advantage of the mistakes of others in order not to be reckless, experience takes time.

Climbing equipment to plan the activity

We will ask to come with your own climbing shoes, harness, helmet and carabiners. This material will be checked by your guide to verify that it is in good condition. The rest of the material will be provided by your Guide.

You can of course take all your equipment (if you have more), the Guide will check it and advise you on its use if you wish.