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Trekking Tour French Alps Vanoise National Park

Trekking Tour at the feet of the Vanoise Glaciers

630 €

This Alpine Trekking is located between the Tarentaise and the Maurienne in the French Alps, we will start from Pralognan: the "Petit Chamonix" of the Vanoise.
It is a beautiful trek itinerary at the heart of this French National Park, an area preserved since 1960.
The paths that we will follow will sometimes be dizzying but the route and the view are beautiful. The comfort of the Vanoise shelters is excellent ...

Vanoise National Park: trekking around the Glaciers

A great Wild Trek around the Vanoise Glaciers and at the Heart of this beautiful French National Park, where nature has resumed its rights for a long time and here man takes pleasure in living with in direct contact with Nature. A trip back to Sources, which will do you good.

The flora and landscapes are very varied , thanks to a great geological variety.
Ibexes, Chamois, Marmots, Eagles and Lammergeiers will share our path.


For those who would like to arrive the day before in Moutiers, here are some advises on Hotels


Meeting in front of Moutiers Train Station at 8 a.m.
Bus transport from Moutiers to Pralognan at 8:30 am.

Vertical Drop: + 1200 m and - 200 m
Walking time: About 6 h

We will be starting our trekking day just above Pralognan, to walk up a valley at the feet of the Pointe du Dard: the walk will be quick, the path climbs into the Cirque du Dard which is well known for being the site of one of the largest avalanches in Europe (in winter). We climb between the wall of the Grand Marchet and the Aiguille du Petit Arcellin. The route is equipped with a cable to facilitate the way. We will arrive at the Col du Grand Marchet, which is an ancient suspended glacial cirque. The view from up there is magnificent, with some great waterfalls next to us. This path is not very popular in the event of bad weather, in such a case we will reach the Vallette Refuge by an alternative and easier path. The Refuge stands on the shores of a Lake and near the top of the Roc de la Vallette, one of the largest cliffs in Pralognan: it is quite a magical place.


Vertical Drop: + 1000 and - 1300 m
Walking time: approximately 7 - 8 hours

We will be leaving early enough to walk in the fresh air and maybe see some animals on the way, that are sometimes numerous in this area of ??the Vanoise National Park. We will be walking on a balcony path at the feet of the Vanoise Glaciers, the path follows the contour line and descends a little before going up to the Col d'Aussois. If the weather is good, we will be able to reach a small summit at 3000m, otherwise we will reach our refuge more quickly. Here we will be in the Maurienne, the refuge is large enough and comfortable.


Vertical Drop: + 600m and - 600m
Walking time: About 6 to 7 hours of balcony paths or alternating ascent and descent.

We will start by a great Balcony path under the Dent Parachée (3697m)! The Haute Maurienne valley and its glaciers are facing us, we will be feeling a little air of the Southern Alps here: the terrain is drier and the landscapes different. We will meet the herds of sheep and the famous Patou dogs, which are used to protect the sheeps from wolves, indeed, they are impressive by their size. Your Guide will give you some instructions in order not to disturb them ... The arrival at the Arpont Hut will be well deserved, the refuge was completely renovated a few years ago, it is one of the largest and comfortable huts in the Vanoise National Park.


Vertical Drop: + 1000m and - 700m
Walking time: 6 to 8 hours of walking

Today we are right at the heart of the Vanoise National Park, a protected area since 1960. You will start from the refuge by a balcony path at first, your Guide will then lead you on a path under the Chasseforêt Glacier and its lake, in the event of bad weather we will take the balcony path to reach the Col de la Vanoise or its surroundings more quickly. The path is quite fast and it allows to discover many little corners or to quickly arrive at the Felix Faure Refuge, which was also renovated a few years ago. It is a fairly comfort Trek! The view of the Grande Casse is magnificent! We will surely see mountaineers preparing the ascent of the Grande Casse, the highest peak of the Vanoise National Park which culminates at 3855 meters.


Vertical Drop: + 400m and - 1000m
Walking time: 4 to 6 hours

We will be leaving for the last day of the Trek, at the feet of the glaciers and the walls of the Vanoise. We will take the path of the Park Rangers to reach the Col des Rossets and then, depending on the weather and the group’s shape, we will reach more or less quickly Pralognan La Vanoise.

We will take advantage of this pretty little village of the Vanoise Park, which has been nicknamed the "Petit Chamonix" of Vanoise.

Bus transport to Moutiers station at 4:00 p.m. Arrival in Moutiers at 5:00 p.m.

END OF TRIP, everyone takes his way, See you soon for new adventures!

The price includes

  • assistance of a certified mountain guide from our Team;
  • Half board accommodation as described in the program (5 guided days and 4 nights);
  • Picnics, every day;
  • Mandatory transports along the program.

The price does not include

  • Cancellation / interruption of stay / luggage loss and accident insurance;
  • Drinks and personal expenses;
  • Additional nights outside the program;
  • All that is not indicated in the section "The price includes".

Your expenses on site

  • Drinks;
  • Out-of-program visits and transfers;
  • Tips.
The backpack

If possible take a light backpack with good carrying, the backpack should not exceed 1.5 kg.

Backpack for 5 to 6 days:
  • Small people: 40 liters max
  • Tall people : 50 liters max

Your backpack must have 10 to 15 liters of space for picnics that you will carry for lunch.

Kilos to carry - It is better to wash than to carry:
  • Small size: 6/7 kilos max, without water and food
  • Large size: 8/9 kilos max, without water and food

Count 2 liters of water and 1 kg of food for the day.
Count an extra kilo for 10-day treks.

Head-to-toe material for the Trek:
  • 1 cap or hat for the sun
  • 1 Hat for the cold
  • 1 optional buff or choker but very pleasant in bad weather
  • 1 Jacket Type Gore Tex or similar windproof and waterproof
  • 1 pair of gloves, waterproof if possible
  • 1 additional pair of ski warm gloves for altitude treks
  • 1 warm fleece or thick down to withstand negative temperatures
  • 2 sweater: a light one and a warmer one, if it's cold you can put all the layers on
  • 3 Technical T-shirts
  • 3 underwear and 3 - 4 warm socks, you can wash them in the torrents near the shelters (1 solid soap to wash)
  • 1 Warm pant
  • 1 Tight
  • 1 Lighter pant, there are pants that you can zip off to make shorts
  • 1 Short
  • 1  waterproof over-pant  (Gore tex or other) for Trek with altitude passes around 3000m.
  • 1 light rain hood or waterproof bag protector
  • 1 waterproof bag to keep items dry inside your backpack
  • 1 bag for dirty things
  • 1 light sheetbag for sleeping at the huts
  • 1 pair of light slippers for the refuge, in case you do not want to wear the hut' slippers or a pair of light Trail shoes.
  • 1 pair of mountain shoes with Vibram type sole of good quality or similar: if possible try ans wear your shoes before the trek, watch out for old shoes which can deteriorate very quickly in the mountains.
Do not forget  :
  • Sunscreen index 30 to 50
  • one pair of sunglasses category 3
  • one front lamp
  • cash money for huts and documents
Toiletries  :
  • 1 Lightweight Quick Dry Toilet Towel
  • 1 Body soap
  • 1 Toothbrush with small toothpaste or a started one
  • 1 small shampoo (small format - specialized stores sell small bottles that you will keep your hiker's life).
  • 1 pair of earplugs to better sleep at night in a refuge
Pharmacy & others:
  • Your Usual or Personal Treatments
  • 1 Light Survival Blanket
  • 1 nail clipper
  • What to make small dressings
  • Some compresses and plaster or better Strappal

Your guide will have a more complete pharmacy in the event of a larger accident.

For realx time: A small book or Card game (less than 150 grams)…

Necessary for meals:
  • 1 TuperWare large enough to contain a nice salad for lunch
  • 1 light knife: Opinel type
  • 1 Fork and 1 Spoon
  • 1 nice specialty to share with the rest of the Team, liquid or solid

The hiker's enemy is weight, but a frozen or soaked hiker is a hiker without pleasure, so take the time to properly pack your bag.


Cancellation and repatriation insurance is advised as well as other insurance guaranteeing search and mountain rescue (10,000 Euros guarantee approximately).

How to reach Bourg Saint Maurice, 73700
  • By train, access by TGV to Moutiers Train Station;
  • By car from Albertville, access by expressway to Moutiers, which is 2 hours drive from Lyon.
Meeting on the first day

On the first day, the meeting will be directly in front of the Train Station in Moutiers at 8:30 in the morning. From there a bus trasport will take the whole group to Pralognan, the trekking departure point.

You can park you car in a free parking not too far away from the Train Station: click here to see where.

Last day - departure

You will be back at Moutiers train station around 5:00 p.m. Do not take any transport before 6.30 p.m.

Further information
Contact us !