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Monte Rosa Massif

Mountaineering school at the Pyramide Vincent

Technical lev. : 4 / 5

Technical lev. : 4 / 5


You should be comfortable walking in the mountains and on varied terrain. Easy climbing.
If you have already done a glacier trek, it is better, but not compulsory, if you have a good physical and mental condition.
Learning the techniques of progression at altitude for fairly easy routes and easy rescue techniques.

Physical lev. : 4 / 5

Physical lev. : 4 / 5


Programme for experienced and trained hikers.
Effort corresponding to approximately 1200 - 1700m of ascent per day.
You like and practice endurance sports at a good level.

  • 2 days & 1 night
  • Participants : 3 to 5
  • from end of June to September
  • All inclusive in mountain hut

Monte Rosa, the second-highest massif in the Alps, will enchant your gaze with the splendor of its imposing glaciers and peaks ascending to 4,000 meters. This breathtaking backdrop will set the stage for your initial day of crampon school and mastering glacier maneuvers, paving the way for you to breach the 4,000-meter threshold with the summit of Pyramide Vincent on the second day! Join us on this adventure to exceed your limits and explore the wonders of the high mountains.

From 490

of the mountaineering course at Pyramide Vincent

. Introduction to mountaineering with glacier hiking course
. Small group courses, max 5 people
. Discover the glacial atmosphere of the Mont Rose massif
. Views of the most beautiful 4000 metre peaks in the Alps
. Italian-style welcome in a high-altitude refuge: you won't be disappointed by the cuisine. 

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* Price per person (without insurance)


Two day mountaineering course - Pyramide Vincent (4,215 m.)

We're off to discover the Monte Rosa massif, which with its succession of peaks over 4,000 metres offers a great introduction to mountaineering for experienced hikers who are in search of new experiences. We'll start with a first day of acclimatisation and ice school, where we'll take the time to master the techniques of cramponing and using ice axes to progress safely.



Gressoney - Glacier du Lys - Città di Mantova Refuge 3498m

Elevation gain + 400 / - 400m

Meet the Mountain Guide in the morning in Staffal, the last village at the foot of Monte Rosa, in front of the Punta Indren cable car, at 7.30am.

After a quick equipment check, we'll take the first lift, which leaves at 7.30am to climb to an altitude of 3,275 metres. Once up there, your Mountain Guide will take you to the chosen spot for the ice school, where you'll learn the cramponing and ice axe techniques needed for high-altitude climbing. The grandiose setting of the Mont Rose massif shows us the splendour of the world of glaciers.

Depending on the group's fitness and ability, the guide will extend the tour and choose the descent route to the Citta di Mantova hut, where we will be welcomed with Italian hospitality. Dinner and overnight stay at the Città di Mantova hut.

Città di Mantova refuge 3498m - Ascent of the Vincent Pyramid (4,215m)

Elevation gain + 770 m / - 1250m

We'll set off early in the morning, at sunrise.
We'll be practising the lessons we learned the day before and climbing up the Indren glacier, which will take us to the feet of the Pyramide Vincent, the day's goal.

Progression will be gradual, and we'll reach an altitude of 4,000 metres. This will give us a chance to explore the unique sensations offered by high altitude, as our bodies adapt to the climb. A spectacular panorama will unfold before our eyes, allowing us to admire the imposing peaks of the Monte Rosa massif: from the Punta Gnifetti / Signalkuppe to the Lyskamm ridge!
To tackle the descent, we might consider stopping off at the refuge to recover our strength. Finally, we'll need to make one last effort to get back down to Punta Indren and catch the cable car back to Staffal.



  • Mountaineering Goretex shoes suitable to crampons
  • Crampons
  • Walking poles
  • Iceaxe
  • Helmet

HOW TO DRESS for climbing at altitude

First layer on the skin:

  • (merino wool) thermal/breathable long sleeve
  • (merino wool) long thermal/breathable underwear
  • woolen warm socks

Second layer:

  • warm technical sweater
  • waterproof & windproof hiking pants

Third layer:

  • thin but warm duvet (to wear just in case of cold temperatures)

Last layer:

  • waterproof & windproof Goretex jacket

Important Additionals:

  • sleeping sheet for the hut
  • warm winter hat
  • buff/head-neckband
  • warm winter gloves
  • headlamp
  • suncream (protection factor 50+)
  • sunglasses
  • phone

If you have any doubts or simply need clarification on what gear to take for your climb, you can take a look at our Blog page "What gear for mountaineering?"

N.B. Consider a change for when you are back to the hut (you can leave some stuff at the hut).

IMPORTANT: if a person is not properly equipped and dressed, the mountain guide may decide not to allow him/her to take part in the climb. We ask you to read carefully the equipment list provided in the programme PDF and to call us if you have any doubts.


Technical Level : 4 / 5

You should be comfortable walking in the mountains and on varied terrain. Easy climbing. If you have already done a glacier walk before, it is better, but not compulsory, if you have a good physical and mental condition. Learning the techniques of progression at altitude for fairly easy routes and easy rescue techniques.

Physical Level : 4 / 5

You need to be experienced and trained hikers, used to long effort days.
Effort corresponding to approximately 1200 - 1700m of ascent per day.
You like and practice endurance sports at a good level.

Useful infos

Useful information to prepare your mountain trip:

Meeting on the first day

Meeting with the mountain guide in Staffal (Gressoney) at the departure of the Gabiet cable car at 7:30 a.m. 

End of the trip

The programme ends on the second day between 2:00 pm and 4:00 pm in Staffal (Gressoney).


The week before your departure, you will receive a reminder by email with all the information concerning the meeting and the Mountain Guide in charge of your group.

Esprit Montagne / Esprit des Guides SA takes care of the hut reservation, you do not need to think about it.


French and English speaking local UIAGM Mountain Guides of our team.

How to reach Aosta Valley

  • Via Chamonix Mont Blanc – you can reach Chamonix by train from the main French airports or from Geneva airport – then you can reach Courmayeur – Aosta Valley through the Mont Blanc Tunnel (there are buses connections from Chamonix to Aosta Valley, but if you would like to be free to move it is advisable to rent a car).
  • Via Geneva or Martigny – you can easily reach Martigny by train from Geneva airport - then you reach Aosta city center via the tunnel of Grand Saint Bernard (there are buses connections from Martigny to Aosta Valley, but if you would like to be free to move it is advisable to rent a car).
  • Via Milan/Turin airport – rent a car directly to reach Aosta via the highway
  • Or via Bourg Saint Maurice (73700, France) - Col du Petit Saint Bernard - you can reach Bourg Saint Maurice by train from the main French airports. Once in Bourg Saint Maurice you will need to rent a car to reach the Aosta Valley via the Col du Petit Saint Bernard (2 hours drive). It's a slightly longer trip but you can save the toll at the Mont Blanc Tunnel.

Public transports Aosta Valley

Bus to the Gressoney Valley

The departure point of the bus for the Gressoney Valley is at the train station in the village of Pont Saint Martin.
For the bus timetable:

If you are coming only for the climb, we can organize you a taxi to pick you up or the mountain guide can come to pick you up on the road nearby Aosta (organization upon booking).

Accommodation in Staffal:

For those who wish to sleep in Staffal in the evening before meeting with the Guide we recommend the Walsertal Residence, a very nice and cozy hotel, two minutes from the cable car departure.


  • Half board at the refuge included 
  • Lunch and drinks are at your own charge
  • Before departure, remember to bring food / snacks for the ascent according to your own tastes (cereal bars, dried fruit, chocolate, etc.) 

Sports shops for specific equipment rental:

You can rent equipment at Ermanno Sport in Staffal, directly at the departure of the cable car: remember to contact the shop in advance to book your equipment.

Advice for hiring mountaineering boots:

Regarding mountaineering boots, here is the type of boots you should have: Scarpa Triolet GTX
You can rent them at Gal Sport in Aosta, at the Pilier du Sport in Morgex (AO) or at Ravanel or Snell in Chamonix.


Cancellation and repatriation insurance is mandatory, as well as a mountain search and rescue insurance (minimum cover of 10,000 Euros).

Esprit Montagne offers the following insurance:

Budget and currency

Italy is in the Eurozone, so the currency is the Euro (€).
The shelter has a credit card terminal, however, we strongly advise you to bring cash!
Be aware of the usual bank charges when purchasing goods or services with your credit card.


When you register online, you can choose whether or not you wish to take part in the car-sharing scheme to get to the starting point of your course. Once you have made your booking, you can log back into your Esprit Montagne account to access a section dedicated to carpooling. Here you will find the contacts of the other participants who are interested in car-sharing, so that you can contact them directly.

The Budget of the mountaineering course at Pyramide Vincent


. The guiding of our team's UIAGM High Mountain Guide and his accommodation and meal expenses.

. Half-board at the refuge (dinner and breakfast)

. Cable car from Staffal to Punta Indren (round trip)

. Collective equipment (ropes, lanyards, karabiners).


. Personal technical equipment: crampons, ice axe and harness (hire available from the cable car departure point; specify in the booking if you need to hire equipment; approximately 15/20 euros per person).

. Drinks and personal expenses

. Lunch, so that you can eat as you wish at altitude

. Your travel insurance (cancellation and mountain rescue compulsory)

. All that is not mentioned in the "Price includes" section.

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How do you start mountaineering?

Before you start mountaineering, it's essential to prepare yourself properly. To begin with, choose an activity suited to your level of fitness. Mountaineering is a demanding endurance activity, so you need to be in good physical condition.

In addition, initial mountaineering training such as the ice school is recommended. Taking a beginner's mountaineering course is an excellent way of familiarising yourself with basic mountaineering techniques, such as using crampons and ice axes. Progressing on snow and glacier requires practice and training.

Finally, it's crucial to be well equipped. This includes appropriate clothing for changing mountain conditions, as well as safety equipment such as a helmet, harness and rope.

Esprit Montagne also offers beginner mountaineering courses in the Vanoise to introduce you to the Alps at altitudes of between 2,000 and 3,500 metres, and alpine courses in the Grand Paradis.

Which summit is best for beginners?

Choose a summit suitable for beginners, such as Pyramide Vincent in the Swiss Alps. It's an excellent choice for a first 4000m as it offers a relatively easy ascent surrounded by the splendour of the high mountains. Mont Rose is one of the best mountain ranges in the Alps for learning the basics of mountaineering, with a gradual acclimatisation to altitude. The massif is made up of a series of peaks of varying degrees of difficulty, so you can go from initiation to mountaineering all the way up to autonomy with the ascent of the Castor, the Pollux or the Nez de Lyskamm.

Where can I go mountaineering?

Mountaineering can be practised in many mountainous regions around the world. Here are just a few of the popular destinations for mountaineering; the Alps, the Pyrenees, the Caucasus Mountains (Europe), the Andes Cordillera (South America), the Himalayas (Asia), the Rockies (North America), the Atlas Mountains (Africa). But it's important to note that the list is not exhaustive, and that each region offers a variety of unique challenges and landscapes.

Snow-covered mountains, ice, vertical rocks, glaciers and high peaks are the elements that make mountaineering a very special physical activity that you have to tame little by little. Beginner's mountaineering courses allow mountaineers to learn and progress, while autonomous mountaineering courses allow you to progress safely without the supervision of a professional.

Altitude Pyramide Vincent, Massif du Mont Rose

Le sommet de la Pyramide Vincent, dans le massif du Mont Rose est de 4.215 mètres. Au pied de ce sommet on trouve le glacier de la Punta Indren. Même si l'ascension commence par des remontés mécaniques comme le téléphérique Punta Indren franchir la barrier des 4.000 mètres n'a rien d'anodin est le corps aura besoin du temps pour s'acclimater.